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  • See Interactive for interactive web sites that may be used as labs.

    Senior Physics Lab. Text and photos of lab set-ups for Modern Physics. Cal Tech.

    Physics Supermarket for International Baccalaureate: study guides, problem sheets, lab notes.

    General Physics Lab, Mechanics. U. Kentucky. Applets in mechanics, plotting graphs, forces, projectile motion, sliding friction.

    Virtual Laboratory. Mechanics, thermodynamics, astrophysics, and electricity by U. Oregon.

    Applets on math, kinematics, waves, gravitation.

    Interactive Matter. Has interactive units on matter, circuits, fusion, etc. By Princeton Plasma Lab.

    The Virtual Laboratory. Listing of physics applets by Physics Web, TipTop.

    Cambridge Physics Outlet Online. It is a catalog of a few pieces of equipment, but also has online labs and activity sheets using directed inquiry.

    Error Analysis (Non-Calculus) for freshman labs.

    Error Analysis. Short example of how error propagates in lab. By Donald Simanek.

    Treatment of Errors in upper division labs. Some definitions but refers to texts for details.

    Statistical Treatment of Uncertainties. Basic definitions.