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  • Images Good search engine for images.

    Hubble telescope images and high-resolution favorite images.

    Astronomy picture of the day. By NASA.

    Photo Gallery. By Nat'l. Space and Science Data Center, NASA.

    Hubble Telescope Heritage Images. Search by topic among the best images. Point the telescope to get an image.

    Celestial Themes in Art and Architecture. Images by Dartmouth.

    Astronomical images. By National Optical Astronomy Observatories.

    SOHO (Solar & Hemispheric Observatory). Real time images of sun, archive of images, amateurs doing research, classroom materials for labs.

    Images. A list of many image sources.

    Sky Charts

    AJ's Cosmic Thing. A sky-plotter applet.

    Tonight's Sky. Star charts for each night. From the radio show, Earth & Sky.

    Dome of the Sky. See sky (& constellations) for date and latitude.

    Skywatch magazine. Current star chart, calendar, articles, and more.

    Sky and Telescope magazine's news, tips, monthly events.

    Star charts by date and latitude. By What's Up?


    Search Websites on the Universe Website. Search by topics, from U. Colorado.

    Astronomy course for Middle/High school students.

    Famous Astronomers and Astrophysics. Short paragraph and links to page about each.

    Topics in Astronomy. A hypertext textbook, with embedded links and animations.

    Universe: Origins and Evolution. Text with nice images.

    Web resources. By U.S. Geological Society.

    Astrophysics library. Links, images, resources at Cal Tech.

    AstroWeb. Links to astronomy info on the web.

    Astronomy Digest. Links to news, articles, etc.

    Hands On Universe. Uses real data.

    Earth&Sky. FAQs, articles, teacher info, etc.

    Astronomy Magazine - online. You need to subscribe to get most features. Has a free star chart each day.

    Space Update. 5 modules: earth today, sky tonight, etc. are on CD, with daily updates online. By Rice U.

    SEGway. Lesson plans for elementary-high school., using astronomical data, from Science Education Gateway at the Center for Sc. Educ., Space Sciences Lab., U. of Calif., Berkeley

    Information Center for New Star Gazers. Very basic info about what to see, how to buy a telescope, other resources, and some questions.

    Astronomy for Kids. Clear explanations to "what adults make boring or confusing" - about the planets, word puzzles, monthly sky maps, postcards to send.

    From Stargazers to Starships. A book-on-the-web about mechanics, orbits, the sun, & spaceflight.

    The ABC's of Distance. Several methods of finding distances. By UCLA.

    Universe! A forum, lesson plans, and resorces for astronomers and educators. By NASA, Harvard Center for Astrophysics, and the Smithsonian museum.

    Radio Astronomy. A tutorial.

    Space Link. Aeronautics and space science resource for educators, from NASA.

    Great Links and info from Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA.

    Center for Astrophysics in Antarctica. Links, labs, images from U. Chicago.

    Hands-On Solar Learning Activities. Measure rotation of sun, make a sundial, calculate satellite's orbit. By Montana State University.

    K-12 Astronomy links from ScienceCentral.

    Physics Applets. Many excellent applets on all topics by U. Wisconsin.

    Astronomy lectures & images. 2 semesters from U.Tennessee.

    Black Holes, Star Evolution, and Dark Matter. Info, movies, by NASA

    Bad Astronomy. Sarcastic reviews of movies and TV that get the science wrong, but also correct explanations. Common misconceptions and answers to interesting questions. Choose an expert to answer questions. Free.

    Star Journey. Click on sections of sky chart and see Hubble images. By National Geographic. Chart is too small to be easily read.


    Solar Max 2000. Exploratorium's look at the year of maximum solar activity.

    Stanford Solar Center. Attractive images, lesson plans for 4-12, and excellent links.

    Sunspots and Solar Cycle. Movies, data, by NASA.

    Solar Posters. Free for teachers, from Stanford.


    Orbit simulator. Set mass, velocity, g, angle,etc. for planet around sun. By ExploreScience.

    From Stargazers to Starships. 42 lessons on Earth's motion in space, Newtonian mechanics, the sun, and spaceflight. By NASA.

    The Exploration of the Earth's Magnetosphere. 35 lessons on magnetism, charged particles, the sun, and the magnetosphere. By NASA.

    Nine planets. Images and information about the planets. Links.

    Basics of Space Flight. A tutorial on planets, orbits, space flights, etc.

    The Wizard's Lab. A fun look at planetary motion, including some movies.

    SETI@home. Experiment that uses Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). You can get a free program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data.


    Black Holes and Neutron Stars. Descriptions and animations of virtual trips.

    Death of Stars. Text from George Mason U.

    Spectra of stars. Online lab with links to data.

    Stellar Evolution. Click on chart for images and text. By C. S. Stanislaus.

    How Black Holes and Neutron Stars Form. Brief explanations.

    Supernovae and expansion of universe. Data and images by LBNL.

    Project CLEA. Labs with digital data and images. Software is free.


    Galaxy Formation. Simulations of gas density and galaxy-formation, by Princeton University.

    Images of galaxies. By Sloan Digital Sky Survey.


    Timeline of Universe and tutorial about early stages of the universe, from NASA.

    Beginning of Universe. Simulations by NCSA, U. of Illinois.

    Cosmos. Simulations and images of beginning of universe, galaxies, etc. by Cambridge's cosmology supercomputer.

    Sky Survey by Sloan Digital Sky Survey will map 1/4 of sky.

    COBE,COsmic Background Explorer, shows more evidence for Big Bang.

    Cosmology. A 1995 National Research Council summary of current knowledge.

    Expansion of the Universe. Notes from George Mason U. course.

    Cosmos in a Computer. Movie of beginning of universe and galaxies.

    Ned Wright's Cosmology Tutorial. Brief descriptions of news and links to more information.

    Mysteries of Deep Space. Lesson plans, background info for the 3-part PBS series.

    Cosmological Issues. Lecture with embedded links and animations.