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  • Physics Humor on the Web. Links to songs, cartoons, and other humor pages.

    The Physics Connexion. Humor, cartoons, tricks.

    A Science Humor Index.

    Physics cartoons. Collection of about ten.

    Physics Fun: Cartoons, Jokes and more. Links to jokes and other physics topics.

    Off the Mark science cartoons.

    Close to Home cartoons by John McPherson.

    Physics cartoons by Jerry Van Amerongen.

    Complete List of Colour Cartoons. Including an accelerator (in the biology department).

    Tom Carlson's cartoons. Many seen in The Physics Teacher.

    Calvin and Hobbes cartoons. Many relate to physics.

    The Cartoon Bank. Search engine for cartoons by subject or artist.

    Education Cartoons for Teachers.

    Songs and assignments about the songs. Dickinson College.

    Profession Jokes: Physics. Collection by an individual.

    The Lost Photograph. A cartoon version of the famous Solvay photograph of the important physicists of 1927.

    Physics Tales and Anedotes.

    Angels on a Pin. Classic story of barometer, with a critical foreword.

    Quantum Physics Parody.

    Administratium. An new element is discovered.

    Physicists' Bill of Rights, ABCs of Astronomy, ABCs of Physics.

    Physics Humor. One joke at a time or access previous weeks.

    Science Made Stupid. An abridged form of the book: no cartoons, but weird charts of definitions.

    Peon. A new particle is predicted.

    Heavy Boots. Story about walking on the moon.

    Physics Humor 0-3. Large collection of humor, by physics topic.

    Fantasy Objects, such as a brass magnet, that should take someone a long time to find.

    Physics, The Way it Should Be. Stupid answers to physics questions.

    Who's on First, Physics Style.

    You Might be a Physicist, If . . .

    The Ig Nobel Prizes. For those whose achievements "cannot or should not be reproduced."

    Understanding Research Papers. Research writing translated for you.

    Physics Phacts. Stories about Dirac, Einstein, Tesla, Shroedinger.

    Product Warning Labels as done by physicists.

    Politically Correct Physics. A new university called S.T.U.P.I.D.

    Proofs as used by students.

    Quantum Finance, A New Methodology for Economics.

    Quantum Croquet.

    Sci Cops, who enforce gravity and other laws.

    Physics Courses, humorous descriptions.

    The Physics Songbook. Songs and links to more.

    Worst Cheaters Ever. Collection of anedotes.

    A Party of Famous Physicists. "Oppenheimer got bombed."

    Physics Theoretical. A poem.

    DiHydrogen Monoxide. Against the banning of H2O.

    Bell Labs Proves Existence of Dark Suckers. Light bulbs don't emit light; they suck dark.

    Cartoon Law of Physics. The laws of physics as seen in cartoons.

    Real Life with Cartoon Physics. What would happen in real life if cartoon laws of physics applied.

    Chicken Physics. Quantum mechanics as it relates to chickens.

    Cold Fusion: The Musical. Download the script.

    Downsize the Solar System. Congress reduces NASA's budget in a creative way.

    Electricity, the real history.

    The Hazards of Solar Energy.

    How to Catch a Lion in the Sahara Desert. Various theoretical physics methods.

    How to Make an Atomic Bomb, for Dummies*

    Hypermatter: The Story.

    Is there a Santa Claus? Use physics to answer that question.

    Santa Claus: Quantum Mechanics to the Rescue.

    "Are YOU a nerd?" Quiz