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  • Particle physics sites. Links to many sites. By Lawrence Berkeley Natl. Lab.

    Links for the public from Fermilab.

    High Energy Physics. Links to labs, people, experiments.

    Particle Physics Outreach from CERN.

    Particle Adventure. Interactive web tutorial about quarks and leptons by Lawrence Berkeley Natl. Lab.

    Contemporary Physics Education Project. Wall charts, interactive tutorials, materials...

    Fermilab Tutorial on particle physics by Fermi National Accelerator Center.

    Virtual Visitor Center at SLAC (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center). Take an informative, virtual tour of accelerators and detectors.

    Reflections on Matter. A humorous tutorial on particle physics. (French and English.)

    Bedtime Physics. A whimsical approach to particle physics, with links. By Jefferson Lab.

    Smallest Particles, Biggest Machine. Series of slides for students.

    QuarkNet. Teachers do research in particle physics, and students use real data from particle detectors.

    OnScreen Particle Physics. Inject various particles into magnetic fields. Calculate types of particles, lifetimes. Demo online.

    Top Quark. Find mass of top quark from real Fermilab data.

    Particle Accelerator. Flip batteries to accelerate a charged particle in a simple demo.

    Cosmic Rays. A tutorial by Leeds University.

    Neutrinos. Tutorial, links, articles about recent discoveries of neutrino oscillations.

    Events in OPAL. Nice tutorial and challenge on each type of event. Can do statistics of ratios of types of events on 1000 events.

    BaBar Particle Physics Teaching Package. A tutorial on relativity and particles. Events to analyze.

    "Live" Events from OPAL. 100 recent events are available.

    Hands On CERN. Interactive displays of a 1000 actual particle events in DELPHI. You can investigate various relationships such as branching ratios, strong coupling constant. Animated 3-D collisions.

    Identify DELPHI events. No table of contents, so have to go step by step through tutorial. Poor quality event pictures.

    Interactive DELPHI events. Rotate 3-D detector with color-coded tracks with your mouse. Most events are identified; some aren't. Get WIRED plug-in.

    World of Beams. Animations show how particle beams are accelerated, turned, and focused.

    Bubble Chamber. An interactive tutorial to learn to identify particles in old bubble chamber photos.

    Coulomb Forces. Shoot a proton at + or - charges and see its path.

    Histogram. Make a histogram and change the binning.

    Event Collider. Simulation of particles in detectors. You change energy and magnetic field. Events reflect actual percentages of type.

    Cyclotron. This java applet let you visualize how a cyclotron accelerator works. By Fu-Kwun Hwang.

    Higgs Cartoon. A way to visualize the Higgs mechanism.

    Higgs Challenge. Five winning answers to "Why do we want to find the Higgs?" in one page or less.

    Buffon's Needle Monte Carlo Simulation. A simulation of Buffon's Needle, the famous Monte Carlo method for the estimation of pi.

    Gluon Game. This java applet uses the metaphor of color to illustrate how the strong nuclear force is caused by the exchange of gluons.

    Particle Detector BriefBook. Encyclopedic form of all words associated with particle physics. Also published as book.

    Acronyms of high energy physics. By Fermilab.

    Superstrings! A "home page" for superstrings, U. California-Santa Barbara.

    The Second Superstring Revolution. History, tutorial by Cal Tech.