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  • Periodic Chart with new elements. Activities.

    Atomic analogies.

    IPPEX (Internet Plasma Physics Education eXperience). Interactive units on matter, density, and ions on beginner level.

    Visual Elements. Can choose individual element and get info. By ChemSoc, the chemical societies' network.

    Atomic images by scanning tunneling microscope.

    IFMSA WebLab. Bohr atom and radiation. Written in Italian, but good applets.

    Physics Applets. Excellent applets on Thomson and Rutherford scattering by U. Wisconsin.

    Hands-on Atom. Using sound and color metaphors you can excite a hydrogen atom and then watch it decay.

    Atomic Physics. List of institutions and links, by Lawrence Livermore National Lab.

    X-ray Physics. Links to basic and technical journals and information.

    Physics Simulations. Many simulations mirrored at Mississippi State.