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    The Wizard's Lab. A fun look at electricity and magnetism, including some movies.

    Physics Applets. Many excellent applets on all topics by U. Wisconsin.

    Physics Simulations. Many simulations mirrored at Mississippi State.

    The IFMSA WebLab. Good! Circuits, Kirchhoffs, resistor code, motor, electrostatic. It is in Italian but still useful.

    Physlets: circuits, E field, em wave. Good ones from Davidson College.

    Jack's Page. Applets for first year college physics: electric and magnetic forces and fields.

    Discovery of the Electron.. Exhibit of history of the electron by the American Institute of Physics.

    100th anniversary of electron.. Another site to celebrate the discovery of the electron. By Institute of Physics.

    65 nice applets for mechanics, waves, e&m, etc. but in Spanish.


    Red and Green "Electricity". Simple demos with colored cellophane and water to illustrate static electricity.

    Analogies for Electricity. By Rothkopf.

    Crocodile Physics. A demo software for electric circuits.

    The IFMSA WebLab Good! Circuits, Kirchhoffs, resistor code, motor, electrostatic. It is in Italian but still useful.

    Multimeter. Change the circuit and use the multimeter as voltmeter, ammeter, or ohmmeter. Excellent. By Fu-Kwun Hwang.

    Virtual Laboratory. In this experiment the student determines the relationship between voltage, amperage, and resistance, i.e. to find out Ohm's law. U. Oregon.

    Interactive Matter. Nice interactives for the basics of static and current electricity. By Princeton Plasma Lab.

    Wheatstone Bridge. Measure current and voltage on different places in a wheatstone bridge and determine an unknown resistance.

    Superconductivity, a students' guide.

    Superconductivity. Links and info for the beginner.

    Impedance Applet. ShockWave applet illustrates impedance in RLC series circuits.

    R-L-C Circuit and Resonance. Shows you physics properties of an R-L-C circuit driven by harmonic voltage source. By Fu-Kwun Hwang.

    RLC Circuits. Sliders easily change variables and results are graphed.

    RC circuits. Shows transient behavior that occurs when the capacitor is being charged and discharged. By Fu-Kwun Hwang.


    "On the Magnet" by Gilbert is celebrated on its 400th annniversary. History and links to magnetism and the history of the time.

    The Exploration of the Earth's Magnetosphere Series of lessons about magnets, their effect on charged particles, and the Earth's radiation. By NASA.

    Spin Waves. Ferromagnetic resonance. Demonstrates the propagation of spin waves on a two-dimensional lattice of precessing spins (magnetization vectors).

    Magnetic chaotic pendula. VRML model of a pair of magnetic pendula.

    Hysteresis simulation. This applet simulates hysteresis in magnetic systems.

    Earth's Magnetosphere.. Diagrams and text.

    Maps of gravity and magnetism of the San Francisco Bay Area. Colorful maps and teacher guide.

    Electric and Magnetic Fields

    The Physics Classroom.. Tutorials, animated gifs, shockwave, questions done by high school students: charging object, grounding.

    Fun@learning.physics. Free sample applets: charged particles in electric and magnetic fields.

    Electric Fields. Place charges and see electric fields.

    Ben Franklin's Letter about a shocking experiment.

    Propogation of Electromagnetic Wave. Shows the relations between electric field, magnetic field, and wave vector, as electromagnetic wave propogates through space. By Fu-Kwun Hwang.

    Charged particle. Shows the motion of a charged particle in an electro-magnetic field. By Fu-Kwun Hwang.

    Tesla Page. Info about building tesla coils, capacitors. Some is pseudo-science.

    Biot-Savart Law. Measure the magnetic field dB due to just a small current element. By Fu-Kwun Hwang.

    Electromagnetic applets on vectors, Faraday's Law, Ampere-Maxwell Law, line integrals, etc. Uses VMRL. By Rob Salgado, Syracuse U.

    Intro to Plasma. For 7-9th graders. From ExploreScience.


    Transistor.. How it works, interactive activities, history, TV clips.

    PN Junction. Graphical illustration of the formation of a pn junction and its band diagram.

    Fermi Level in Semiconductor. Applet to learn the relationship between Fermi level and carrier concentrations in a semiconductor.

    Semiconductor - Diffusion, Drift, Recombination. This applet visualizes the excess minority carrier processes in a semiconductor sample.

    Form a PN Junction Diode. Change its doping and watch equilibrium band diagrams change.