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  • Physics Web's search results for history of science.

    Famous Physicists. Short paragraph and link to page about each. By Kent State University.

    Famous Astronomers and Astrophysicists. Short paragraph and link to page about each. By Kent State University.

    Physics Biographies. Links. By U. Washington.

    Eric's Treasure Trove of Scientific Biography. Part of a great web page. Search by name.

    Nobel Foundation. Official site for Nobel prizes. Info alphabetical and by subject. Soon will have an overview of physics.

    A Science Odyssey, PBS' history of the last 100 years in science.

    APS Centennial Talks about the last 100 years of physics. Presented at the largest physics meeting ever.

    20th Century Women in Physics. 75 outstanding women in physics.

    History of Astronomy. A listing of links.

    4000 Years of Women in Science. You can search by name, field, or time.

    African-Americans in the Sciences. Search by name or field.

    History of Physics. Links to museums, articles, photos. By MIT.

    The Revolutionaries: On Turning Inspiration into Innovation in Silicon Valley. Interviews in text and audio with about 20 computer visionaries.

    Albert Einstein Online. Links to many pages.

    Einstein: Image and Impact. An excellent exhibition, includes some audio clips of Einstein speaking, links to other Einstein resources. By Center for History of Physics of the AIP.

    The Galileo Project. A nice site with the life and times of Galileo. By Rice University.