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The sources below are on many topics. See individual fields of physics for other interactive sources.

Physics Web - interactive experiments. The best listing of physics applets, by Institute of Physics.

Physics 2000. Excellent interactive tutorials on interference and lasers.

By Fu-Kwun Hwang. These are the best applets! They are easy to use, and you continue to learn as you use it.

ExploreScience has excellent, simple, informative, interactive Shockwave experiments.

Physlets. Excellent Physics Applets designed for student learning, from Davidson College.

Fear of Physics is a collection of interactive experiments for the general public or students.

65 nice applets for mechanics, waves, etc. but in Spanish.

Physics software for Macs.

Italian applets. These are very nice, even if you don't read Italian.

Explanations and small versions of applets on web, full-size on commercial CD.

Jack's Page. Applets for first year college physics.

Fun@learning.physics. Free sample applets: projectile motion, elastic collisions, charged particle in magnetic field.

General Physics Lab, Mechanics. U. Kentucky. Applets in mechanics, plotting graphs, forces, projectile motion, sliding friction.

Virtual Laboratory. Mechanics, thermodynamics, astrophysics, and electricity by U. Oregon.

Applets on math, kinematics, waves, gravitation.

Interactive Matter. Has interactive units on matter, circuits, fusion, etc. By Princeton Plasma Lab

A forum for computer simulation methods.

The Physics Classroom. Tutorials, animated gifs, shockwave, questions done by students.

Videos, CDs

Powers of Ten. Popular film in Vol. 1 of Films of Charles and Ray Eames.

Physics: Cinema Classics. 6 laser discs of 250 classic physics experiments, with teacher guide, bar code reader.

Physics Movies. Karate, elevators, etc. to be analyzed by having measurements taken. By Muskingum College.


Physics Academic Software sells physics software in cooperation with professional organizations.

Interactive Physics, the best simulation software for mechanics.

CamMotion. Free software to take measurements off videos. By TERC.

Videopoint. Video analysis of motion. Developed by physics professors. Demo online.

Worlds in Motion. Video analysis software. Free demos online. (Windows only)

CD of software for H.S. and university freshmen physics. Has problems, simulations, graphing, etc. by Science and Technology International.

SEEDS. Software for middle and high school science projects, such as bungee egg.

Microphys. Catalog of software is online.

Crocodile Clips. Simple simulator for electricity, optics, mechanics, kinematics, and sound. Free demos online.