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  • Arbor Scientific. Fun physics stuff.

    Fisher Scientific Company. Especially good for chemicals.

    Nada, Nakamura, Ohaus catalogs on-line.

    PASCO. Physics lab equipment, computer interfaces, and sensors.

    Pitsco. Kits, contests.

    Sargent-Welch and VWR catalogs. Large selections.

    ScienceKit/Boreal Laboratories. Large selection.

    Vernier. Software and interfaces and sensors.

    Texas Instruments. Calculators and interfaces.

    Edmond Scientific. Especially good for optics.

    Oriental Trading Company. Toys, including physics toys. Cheap, many by the dozen.

    Cambridge Physics Outlet Online. It is a catalog of a few pieces of equipment, but also has online labs and activity sheets using directed inquiry.

    Discovery Channel Store. Online store for equipment, booklets, videos.

    MWK Laser Products. Cheap lasers of all qualities.

    Surplus suppliers.

    Harbor Freight Tools. Inexpensive tools, laser pointers, etc. Can order on the web.

    American Science and Surplus. A fun catalog with weird, cheap (sometimes unidentified) objects.

    Herbach and Rademan. Surplus of mostly electronics.

    C and H Sales Company. Surplus electronics.