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  • See also Resources - Interactive for interactive sites that are on many topics.

    PSRC (Physical Sciences Resource Center). Photos/diagrams of more than 200 demos on-line, organized by topic.

    U.C. Berkeley Demos.. Extensive list. Choose by topic; clear drawings and brief descriptions of labs. Movies and drawings can be downloaded in several ways.

    Exploratorium Science Snacks. Outstanding museum has online directions for simple to make demos, labs, projects.

    North Carolina State U. Good site with photos and descriptions of demos (including some movies), sources for equipment, time of set-up. Can ask for suggestions for a chapter of a text.

    U. Texas - Austin Demos. Photos and brief description of use.

    Brown U. Demos. Photo, purpose of demo, description of use, listing of equipment needed, set-up time.

    CFAP (Center for Particle Astrophysics) at UC Berkeley has a few on-line demos.

    Bill B's Demos, Interesting ideas -from the simple to complex, including some weird ones. Society of Amateur Scientists.

    Physics Demos: A Sourcebook for Teachers of Physics. Descriptions, not images.

    The Bell Jar. Using vacuum pump and bell jar in many demos.

    Physics Lecture Demonstrations, with some problems and puzzles, too. Hints and links for demos, by Donald Simanek.

    Teaching Apparatus in Physics. Sign up for this listserv.

    List of demo books.